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I am looking potentially purchase an open-source supported GPU and was thinking about a liquid-cooled AMD Vega 64.  I plan to run X-Plane on Gentoo.  If my understanding is correct, aside from some firmware blobs that are loaded into the card at run-time, it looks as thought driver support for it is almost completely open-source and supported as of kernel version 4.15.  I'm not sure how stable it is yet, but I may decide to pick one up when prices normalize and the next LTS is out.  I know the docs state specifically that no open-source GPU drivers are supported, but I wanted to ask if Vega was an exception to the rule given the open source support behind it.  Thanks for the help in advance and I hope this question isn't too redundant.

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From the X-Plane system requirements page:

"For Linux, we require the proprietary driver from AMD or NVIDIA to run X-Plane. You may be able to get X-Plane to run on the Mesa/Gallium driver with an Intel GPU, but this is unsupported.  We absolutely do not support the fully open source drivers for AMD and NVIDIA."

This means that you can certainly try it, but there is no help or troubleshooting available from official Laminar Research sources. You may want to check the Linux forums to see if anyone has experience with it specifically.