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I used to be able to simply move the x-plane window enabling me to enter my desktop environment and open other applications, such as Google Earth, web-browser etc.  Now that doesn't seem possible.  I also used to be able to effect this by disabling 'full screen' under settings/rendering, but this doesn't seem to work now either.  What I've been doing lately is opening 'About X-plane', clicking the link on the promo video, and pausing it - then entering my desktop, but this is onerous when trying to switch back and forth between x-plane and a complex tutorial, for example.  


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Use - 'Spaces' - details here



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Thank you for that - so much easier!  As far as the preference file goes, I've realized that whenever I maximize the X-Plane screen with the green button, the res file corrupts and I lose control of the resizing handles.  It's fine now but I have to remember not to touch that green button.  Thanks again for the tip re 'Spaces' - it's great.  
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Hi Dave,

I just stumbled on this comment about the green button and you're right--that is a bug! I didn't realize you had used that button when we were troubleshooting this before. I have already filed a report on this case, but if you find another situation like this, please let us with a bug report filed here.

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A lot of this will depend on the size of your monitor. The minimum resolution X-Plane supports is 1024x768.

Make sure you do NOT have "run full screen at this resolution" checked in the rendering options screen. If X-Plane is windowed, you should be able to grab the edges/corners and shrink it to the minimum window size. Perhaps the window edges got dragged so that it looks fullscreen even if the option is not checked.
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Thanks so much - success!  For some reason the resizing grip (little textured lines) in the corner was inactive.  I could hear a sound when dragging but no result.  After checking the 'full screen' button, and then disabling it again, the resizing button was again working.  Seems to be some sort of glitch, but now I know what to do.  Thanks again!
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Looks like the problem was a corrupt resolutions preference file.  I turfed that and am back in business!