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I have misplaced my disk 1 is it.I have all the other disks can the demo download help me or is there anything else thats does not cost any money?
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I have had the x-plane 10 for two years now; in those two years I have purchased about a dozen planes with my Capital One credit card at $0.99 per plane. Commercial jet-liners to the B-1 bomber, United Aliner, Delta Mad Dog, to British Airlines  etc. While changing my SD card to hold  more gigabytes I lost the x-plane  app in its entirety; is there any way I can salvage the losses, and your company have a record of my purchases and activities.

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The demo will not help, and without disc 1 you will be locked out after 15 minutes of flying. You can purchase a USB key or digital download code. Please contact [email protected] and they will help evaluate on a case-by-case basis.