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I have X-Plane 11 on DVDs.  I went to install it for the first time yesterday - all 8 disks (6+ hours).  On the first disk it gave me an error "Bad Zip File" and indicated I should continue installing and do a maintenance and repair on it after installation.  I completed the installation and at the end of disk 8 it said it was not installed correctly due to a bad zip file and it said I needed to contact technical support/customer service at XPlane.  I assume that the error at the end of the install process was referring back to the error on the 1st disk.  I hoping to get a "fix" or guidance on a repair/maintenance so we do not have to reinstall all 8 disks.

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Run the installer again and pick the update option and it will check for missing or corrupt default files. If it is a scenery file, you might need to locate the full file path in the installer log.txt. Try locating the file on the DVD and see if you can copy it to the desktop or if you get the same warning.

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