Fixed Linux installer downloaded does not work even as superuser. linuxmint lmde 64

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asked Jan 23 by rejected (12 points)
XPlane 11 Disk 1 is inserted.

When opening installer package as superuser the package appears to scan then a blank. Is there a 'special' program I should use?

I have XPlane running on Windows 10. I want to install on Linux so I can remove Windows. Am I looking at some really cool software to prevent more than one copy running?

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answered Jan 25 by jroberts (17,637 points)

The installer available at may be newer than the one on the disk, so try it instead. You can change the operating system you download it for it the settings option in the top right corner of the installer if you'd like to install a Linux version on Windows and then copy it a different computer for example.

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answered Feb 11 by hansle52 (24 points)
I turn X-Plane under Linux Mint 18.3. I downloaded the installer and placed it on the desktop. Starting from DVD-1 works badly because Linux has trouble changing DVDs and then proceding with the installation.  Alternatively, you can also copy the complete X-Plane folder and subfolders from Windows into the personal folder within Linux. The beauty of X-plane is that it runs on both Windows and Linux and Mac. Inside X-plane does not run any special software to prevent a 2nd copy from running.

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