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I installed 361.75 but it didn't do anything.

Is there a specific way to install drivers because I am literally just downloading it and performing a clean install?

Should I be booting it in safe mode, uninstall my old drivers, then install my new driver?

I will be trying 362.00


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Hi Rishi,

I use Nvidia's software that automatically notifies, downloads, and installs the latest drivers.  361.75 is still a version behind the latest. 162.0 came out March 1. 

Note that I started seeing the issue in 162.0 so it definitely won't be fixed in that driver update! There is still no fix for it yet, but we have more information with which to investigate (and hopefully fix).

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Thanks, hopefully the issue will be added to the list of fixes in 10.50, hopefully. At least you have better information on the issue considering you are experiencing it now. So a fix is bound to come out. Well for now i just have to live with that bug but keep my fingers and toes crossed that it will be fixed in 10.50.


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Still I don't understand how driver 361.75 managed to work for you. I will try upgrading my OS to Windows 10 cuz I've been getting 6 BSOD's lol
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It's probably due to the fact our GPUs are two generations apart. You have a 900 series, if I recall correctly, and I have a 750. Nvidia probably made a few changes in between, so the same drivers work a little differently for each of us. ;)
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That is true :)