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I purchased the software, installed it on my Lenovo laptop and it wouldn't run it. So I bought a Alienware with the requirements to run. I installed the software on the Alienware (removed it from the Lenovo) and now it will only run with the DVD in the drive AND no shortcut icon will appear on my desktop or tray AND I am limited on aircraft. What do I do to fix my issue? Thanks!

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Hi - Congrats on your new system! With the DVD version of X-Plane, you have to keep the DVD #1 inserted when you want to fly X-Plane.
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That can't be correct. When I loaded it on the Lenovo and tried to fly it, it never asked for the DVD AND it put an icon on my desktop.

Plus, the Alienware doesn't have a DVD drive, I have and external DVD drive to load programs.
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Got it fixed. It was simple. Just had to create an xplane icon and send the exe file from the hard drive... all is well for now.