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I am in France and I appreciate the Xplane simulator
I just received my version of Xplane11 DVD bought last week
I installed it on my Mac and on my PC
I have the Xplane 10 version that works with two dongles, one for my Mac and the other for my PC; I even bought a third dongle that I use when I'm traveling
What solution do you bring to not need the DVD, even paying
but not at the price of the professional dongle
Is it possible to buy one or two unlocking key at a studied price, having already bought the DVD version ??

Thank you for your answers

Kind regards


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Hi Phil,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Like you I have the DVD version of XP10 and purchased the USB dongle to substitute for the insertion of Disc 1 into the DVD drive.

Again like you I have also purchased the original version of XP11.  I have been advised by Laminar Research that there will be no USB dongle made available like version XP10.  No doubt some annoyance.

In addition I have been advised by Laminar Research there is no license key for the DVD version.  The set of numbers that may have been supplied with your DVD version have no relevance to the running of X-Plane.  

The answer I have been given, if I don't want to insert disc 1 into the DVD drive to maintain the integrity of the disc is to create an ISO substitute disc or create an ISO USB dongle.  At this stage I haven't tried the ISO solution as my flight sim setup has been dismantled for relocation.

Your question has been asked by several others with the same problem as well.   The problem becomes more serious for those flight simmers who have purchased a new PC  and don't have a DVD drive.

Have a look at the answer I passed on to another flight simmer who does not have a drive.  The response can bee found at  The suggested solution in this instance could apply to you as well if you want to preserve the Integrity of disc 1 or not carry it with you when travelling.

Good luck.