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I am considering purchasing a second M.2 drive, might get away with a 128gb one?

I have noticed that after I reload Windows & X-Plane VR it runs much smoother on a clean fresh install of Windows (I only load Oculus & Steam + X-Plane)

The idea is to keep the first M.2 drive as a "CLEAN" boot drive and not let windows and other apps mess with my clean X-Plane VR enviroment.

Then have my second M.2 drive as a normal windows boot drive and let windows screw that one up over time with load of bloatware and rubbish

My question is would it be OK to install a second copy of X-Plane on the second copy of windows or would this be classed as a second machine? & then I would get my finger chopped off by Laminar?

Thanks guys for a great bit of software, VR still blows me away I am just trying to get the very best out of the top consumer flight sim in the world.

Keep up the great work, regard Dave.
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This would work, no problem at all.

You can have as many copies of X-Plane as you wish, on as many computers as you wish.
1 licence = 1 instance runnning at a time

Note that the only benefit you will have from using a M.2 drive, compared to a SSD or HD will be a shorter initial loading time at.

I do not even know if the difference between M.2 and SSD is noticeable.

Guillaume (not affiliated with Laminar Research)
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Thanks for the reply Guillaume,

I don't think this is correct, as when I first got XP my serial number was disabled as I used it on more than one machine (not at the same time) and had six or seven installs... on the same machine due to malware & machine upgrade + SSD & M.2 upgrades.

Can LR comment on this please.



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That's interesting. At that time, did you contact Laminar Research customer service at [email protected] for explanations? I think you should still do it..
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Yes I had to email them to get my serial number re-enabled.

Think I spoke to Randy via email & was informed 1 licence = 1 machine (with a max of 2 copies of XP)