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I want to  remove the second copy of the same aircraft in the configuration panel of X-Plane 11. I had install the  helico Bell 429 WLG v.1.5 but i d├ęsinstalle this version and instal the helico Bell 429 v.1.6.

And now i have two copy of the same aircraft in the configuration panel. I want to remove one copie of those copy.

Also, i cannot fligt any more  because the motors d'ont run enough fast to take of the ground

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Hi Jacomo,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

On the basis you have installed a Laminar Research version of X-Plane and not the 3rd party modified hybrid version you should find you aircraft installed within the following directory structure found at "..../X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Extra Aircraft/.........."  

The deletion should work as a simple file deletion of one of your aircraft sub directories.

Good luck.


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