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Toronto skyline is slowly disappearing. No more high rises.Just radio antennas. And La Guardia and JFK airport buildings are non existent. They used to be there. Could it be the payware scenery of New York City and maybe Pearson airport add-on that I purchased that did something to cause this issue?

Reloaded North American scenery but to no avail. And no, I'm not that much of a computer savvy programmer.

I just want to purchase stuff that works without me having to find or type in other programs.

Still have to say that X-Plane has somewhat better scenery than FSX. That's the only reason I enjoy it. The more real the terrain gets the better.

Keep up the good work!

Stuart Hecht

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Hi, this forum is meant for X-Plane default install. Surely, Laminar Research did not reduce the quality of the existing scenery.

Provided you are not using X-Plane Steam version, I would recommend to :
-Remove the third party sceneries you installed (the problem is very likely to be caused by them).
-Update X-Plane via the installer which can be found here :
-Check if the scenery is as good as expected when running X-Plane

If you want to try again the third party addons you purchased, make sure you follow carefully the installation instructions that are most likely included, or contact the developper of these addons.

If you are using the X-Plane Steam version, contact Steam for support.

You could possibly find some help on forum also.

There's nothing much one can say without your ...X-Plane/log.txt file. If you decide to included it, make sure you launched the sim at Pearson/New York and closed it prior to uploading it here.