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I'm having a bit of a different problem than most seem to report with the new VR release. I do not have VR hardware plugged in, yet my "Enable VR Hardware" button is checked. I cannot uncheck it.

Additionally, I found that while flying using my standard monitor, my frame rate has dropped pretty significantly. Perhaps this is because "Enable VR Hardware" is checked, but, if so, I have no idea where the VR part of the rendering would be rendering to given I have no hardware attached at the moment.

I'm installing a side-by-side copy of X-Plane 11 (one 11.10 and the other the 11.20vr) to confirm that the frame rate drop is actually a difference between the versions.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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The VR checkbox is a visual bug that should be fixed in the next beta.
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Excellent, thank you for the information.

Any insight into the significant framerate drop between the versions (11.10 vs 11.20vr) despite having settings identical?

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