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Hi everyone.

I am using X-Plane 11, x-atc-chatter, with the VR1 Preview (11.20vr1). The audio from X-atc-chatter is output via my PC speakers and not in my Vive VR Headset, even though Windows 10 Audio Output is set to my Vive. When I have my Engines running with my VR headset on, I logically cannot hear the chatter that is coming out of my speakers. Is there a way to get ATC chatter to use the audio output that Windows and x-plane is set to? I know that 11.20vr1 is a beta (preview) , but I cannot think it has something to do with this… (or does it?). You are messing arround with open gl, but does that include audio? Answer I got on the question and answers section at Stickandrudderstudios (the company of x-atc-chatter) was:


X-ATC-Chatter uses the same OpenAL context as X-Plane so the sound should go to the same device as X-Plane. However, I don’t have a VR headset yet so I can’t confirm this. It might also be a change in X-Plane in the preview where they are doing something different now.

I suggest you write-up a bug for Laminar:


Add my text above to the bug report and let’s see what they say.


Thought I would ask here first, as I am not sure if it is a bug, or if you really have changed something in the Audio department. X-ATC-Chatter really adds a lot to the immersion in the sim. Tune in the proper frequencies, and your radio comes alive!

Any help?

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Forget this question, I can now answer it myself. It seems to be a problem with the 737 from Zibo. It seems to be eating up all the audio :-) Standard aircraft like the cessna 172 from Laminar, work fine.

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