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I've seen similar questions posted in the x-plane forum, and didn't see a resolution.  I use a bluetooth connector to my hearing aids that act just like a bluetooth headset.  On longer flights it seems like it almost always seems to lose connection.  I still get other plugin sounds like better Pushback.  I get all system sounds.

So then I try to put a wired headset on, and I still do not get X-Plane plane sounds, just system and plug-in sounds.

This happens with default Cessna, Zibo 737, FlightFactor 767, ToLiss Airbus A319 - so it's not aircraft specific.

Using Windows 10 (latest updates), X-Plane 11.11.

For some reason X-Plane does not behave like a 'normal' windows application when audio gets restored.  And switching the default audio does nothing with X-Plane.

All other apps and browsers have much more flexibility and resilience.


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