Random crashes.

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asked Feb 8 by buccirj (24 points)
My X-plane 11 crashes randomly.  No apparent reason for it.  Does not seem to be related to add-on scenery but I'm experiencing crashes with default as well as add-on aircraft.  I am not able to decipher in the log file what, where, or why the crash occurred.  Where can I attach my log file so someone can review and perhaps give guidance?  Thanks.
commented Feb 9 by glenfer (1,595 points)
Hi buccirj,

Attach to your original question as an edit or create a comment and attach the file.

commented Feb 9 by buccirj (24 points)

I'm new on this forum.  Where is the attach file icon?  I tried to paste it originally to my original comment and it's too long.  8,000 characters max is the limit.  Thanks,

commented Feb 9 by amelingu (3,487 points)
Hi Rob,

To attach a file, this might help you :

Normally, it is good to attach a log.txt file that is as small as possible. Normally, it is better to identify a specific chain of events that triggers the crash.

Once this is done, you can launch the sim, reproduce that specific chain of events as quickly as possible. Once the sim is closed or crashed, you can upload the ...\X-Plane\log.txt file

In your case, with a random crash, I understand it is difficult to achieve. Your log.txt might be too big to attach. If this is the case, you should consider uploading your file on a dropbox or similar file transfer solution and then share the link in your question or comment. Beware that some of the file transfer solutions provide links that do not last very long.

Also, make sure you read all this. It will help you identify the cause of the crash :

Best regards,


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answered Feb 10 by buccirj (24 points)

Here is the link for all to review.  Thanks!


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answered Feb 10 by amelingu (3,487 points)
Unfortunately, your log.txt file does not say much, or at least I could not see anything striking. Please note that I am just a normal user, I am not affiliated with Laminar Research.

My advice would be to install a second clean copy of x-plane (you do not need to install the entire world) and to avoid installing too many third party addons and plugins.

If a crash occurs, try to disable the newest plugins installed via x-plane plugin menu, or by uninstalling them. This methodology will help you narrow down the possibilities and identify the guilty plugin or addon. Once you have identified it, you should contact its developer.

All the best with that.
commented Feb 11 by buccirj (24 points)
Thanks Guillaume,

 Well i'll try to remove plugins, not that I have many, and see what happens.  



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