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I am currently developing a plugin for XPlane 11 on Windows with Visual Studio, but I am having trouble with installing the plugin because I cannot find the win.xpl file in my plugin's folders. I created a DLL with Visual Studio, but I don't know how to add in a win.xpl properly. When I downloaded the Hello World Plugin on XPlane's Sample Code website, it originally didn't have the win.xpl, but eventually I was able to add it, but I'm not sure how I did so. Is there any definite method I can use to install my own plugin to XPlane by getting that win.xpl file?

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Had the same problem last year, when started developing a plugin for my home cockpit. Then came across this movie, which explains the whole process, including configuration of MS Visual Studio, thoroughly and clearly.

Just a 'follow me step by step' procedure.

Hope that helps.