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I am trying to build a full motion flight simulator with XPlane, so my program needs to constantly send updating data through USB relays. I have figured out how to install plugins on XPlane already. I can check data and send it right now, but I need a function in my program (Visual Studio C++) that can CONSTANTLY gather and send data in the background of the program. I tried running a while loop with the condition running, and set running = false during the XPluginStop function, but it won't successfully load into XPlane, as it stalls when loading my plugin. Is there any way to grab and send data in the background of a program, perhaps through threading? XPlane has an option that can print this data constantly to a data.txt file, but I don't know how to access that data with my program. Thank you!

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You could probably develop a plugin to do it, or try sending data via UDP. There is an article on how to set up UDP data transfer in the Instructions folder in your install > X-Plane Specs from Austin > Exchanging Data with X-Plane.rftd.