I am having a problem with XSquawkbox for VATSIM

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asked Feb 10 by 1ceman (12 points)
Hi all,

I use VR to fly x-plane 11 (11.20vr1) using windows 10-64 bit. I am yet another person having a problem with voice communications to talk to the tower. I have tried following all the help I can find online for this issue, but I can't seem to talk to the tower. I can hear them fine, and my rig says its transmitting, but the tower can't hear me at all. Text still works, but its not practical in VR. Not sure what I'm doing wrong or not doing at all. I use Oculus Rift CV1 w/touch. I have setup the mic, and had no problems with the setup there. I am using the latest version of XSquawkbox (xsb 1.3.3).

Any idea's what the problem is? Not sure what you would need from me to help out.

1 Answer

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answered Feb 13 by jroberts (17,637 points)
There are known issues with plugins in vr2. Please update when vr3 is out (should be soon) and see if it now "just works".
commented Feb 16 by 1ceman (12 points)
I have vr3 now, some nice changes...but my original problem still remains. Still can't talk to the tower. :(

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