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I downloaded vatsim but now i ran into a big problem.  I don't know what frequency to put in.  I tried the frequency off the mini map but that didn't work.  So i looked up on the internet a list of frequencies for vatsim but there was no website that told you that.  I don't know if this will help but if you where wondering i am trying to fly in USA west.

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Hi Brenden

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

A good source of information in this respect is SkyVector and their website can be found here:-

Just as a example to show what's available, I clicked on Philadelphia KPHL airport and got all sorts of details on frequencies and charts. Please see photo below.

Hope this helps


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Thanks allot but i have one more question.  The reason i wanted to get the radio frequencies was of a problem that is still happening.  I will put in the frequency and then into active, then i go into xsquockbox and hit connect but all that happens is in this box on the top of the screen in red it says connect then it says disconnected.
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If the “Connect” & “Disconnected” you’re referring to are from the VATSIM text dialog box within X-Plane’s screen, then it means you’re not successfully connected to a VATSIM server.  In which case, you have no communication link to speak of--it has nothing to do with frequencies.  Review the dialog text to see if it includes any message explaining why you’re being disconnected.  I assume you have entered your valid VATSIM login ID and password.

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well no i didn't i but what i did do is select the l key for the transmit button.  Maybe it has to be on my joystick.
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something bad just happened it's all my bad!!  First of all i got vatspy and did all that stuff but it still doesn't work.  The problem is this on vatspy i saw a thing that looked like a IP address and i thought okay maybe i type that into xsquawckbox.  Then i thought okay if i type in the port number of the multiplayer section on xplane and i typed it into xsquawckbox.  But then it didn't connect but i don't know the port number that was there before.  But no luck with hearing any one or any one hearing me.sad

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I have really good news!!!!  Vatsim is half working what i mean is i can see other planes flying around!!  The only bad news is that no one can hear me and i can't hear any one as well.  Oh yeah and i just downloaded xsquawckbox again so the hole port thing isn't an issue any more.  I fell like i am so close and i think i am right.
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Double check the VATSIM ID and password are correct at the top of the Audio for VATSIM (AFV) dialog box.

Are the microphone and Output Devices set to appropriate sources?  E.g. are you using a headset?  Turn up their volume sliders.

The COM radio in your aircraft also has to be set accordingly.  E.g. stick with COM1 as a starter, select COM1 in the aircraft.

Use the Windows’ Sound Control Panel to check if your microphone (i.e., recording device) is actually functioning.

I left the “X-Plane IP Address” at its default (, and it works for me.

If you locate your plane to an airport with an active ATIS broadcast, there’d be a continuously playing sound track for you to troubleshoot with (the listening part at least).

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Well it still doesn't work.  Your idea was a good one but i checked those the first time it didn't work.  I think i am going to go ask for some help over at vatsim.  But other than that thanks for all your help on this and i wouldn't of made it this far with out your help.  If you have any other suggestions ideas or comments please let me know through the chat.

Thanks, Brenden