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In my opinion the RPM response of the stock C172 to any movement in the throttle is delayed by a factor of ten, or possibly more.

In a normally aspirated, fixed pitch aircraft, the RPM should follow the throttle setting with probably no more than .25 second delay. Instead, I see something like a 3-4 second delay when changing the throttle setting from slow cruise of 2100rpm to the desired 1800rpm for follwing an ILS glideslope. This is both unrealistic and distracting and I would like to change it.

Anyone know how I can change this parameter?



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Hi Matt, 

For immediate changes to aircraft, you can try your hand at adjustments in Plane Maker (included with X-Plane). If you believe it is a bug in the flight model, please submit a bug report here. Please include all steps to see the issue, what the correct behavior should be and why.