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I have great difficulty reading the user interface (the menus at the top of the screen). Is there any way to make them larger? My vision is such that I can no longer fly, and reading tiny tiny fonts is something I can't do without putting my face right up to the monitor. It would greatly enhance my X-plane experience if I didn't have to hold a magnifying glass up to the screen (1080p on a 32" monitor). If this is not possible now, can it be a feature of 10.5 or a subsequent update? I love X-plane but if this can't be changed I may have to look for another simulator that has a better UI for me. Thanks!

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There's nothing built into X-Plane 10 currently, but I did find a few other suggestions here, such as a Mac zoom option and changing the screen resolution.

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Thanks for the reply and the link. Ironically, I left Mac for a gaming PC so that I could turn up the rendering settings. I did try lowering the screen resolution as far as X-plane permits, and at that resolution the menus at the top are large enough to read easily. But I'm not going to run at that resolution!

I did notice that if the top menu text was white on black (higher contrast) it would be readable even at the small size on 1080p. Do you know if there is a way to change the colors in the UI? Is there a way to suggest this to the developers (I haven't found a way to do that)?
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It's definitely something we're aware of and will work to change in the future. While you don't need to file a suggestion for this issue, if you come across others you can submit feature requests through the bug reporter here. Just tag it feature request in the subject and we'll track it in our never ending wish list. ;)

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Thanks for the reply. I'll hope this is addressed soon. I realize the list of desired changes is gigantic and endlessly growing. Except for the UI readability, I'm really an X-plane fan. I think a UI improvement might pay off well in the near future. With the expected release of Dovetail's 64-bit upgrade of FSX (and related versions), backward compatibility will be gone and a lot of flight simmers on those platforms will have a choice to make. I'm guessing many of them also have aging eyes.