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I have a big problem with the beta x plane 11.20 after i upgraded from 11.10 to x plane11.20 the SIM crashes immediately on the load screen. the only thing the crash window says it app crash .

I updated x plane back to ver 11.10 and no problem its working . i thought Ok and updated the sim back up to 11.20 again and it crashed on the load screen ?  humph i deleted the shader cache folder but no luck nothing is working
I am using windows 7 pro GeForce graphics Intel CPU corsair memory.

Anyone have  an idea what to try.



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I have the same problem. I've updated to 11.20vr2 and XP CTD. On seeing log.txt I've found out X-IVAP made it crash. If you disable this plugin, you would be able to let x-plane finish to load.

This didn't happen with version 11.20vr1

I hope this will help, even though you won't be able to fly on ivao.
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X,IVAP cant find this in the plug ins folder