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I just purchased xplane11 and downloaded the Australian scenery. It is very poor and inaccurate. Does anyone know the reason? Thanks

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That depends on what aspects of it you find "poor and inaccurate." X-Plane has thousands of airports in the sim but many of them have never been improved from their "default" form of runways & extremely basic taxiways. You can check airports here on the Gateway to see if an artist has improved them or not (WEDbot as the artist indicates it is only the default, unimproved scenery).

Otherwise, X-Plane uses Open Street Map data to place roads, autogen buildings, and more. If this data is inaccurate, it leads to inaccuracies in the sim as well.

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Thanks for your response.

I checked the Gateway to see if Brisbane West Wellcamp airport (YBWW) had been improved by an artist and it has. If I'd checked my log file before posting, I would have discovered that some scenery files are missing or were damaged during installation. So the problem is at my end. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Gateway airports have not been gathered for inclusion in X-Plane for a few months either, so sometimes even if there's a new and improved version on the Gateway it's not necessarily in X-Plane yet.