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I have just purchased xplane 11 LR official  download  last night. (this is replacing Steam version which I was using for quite awhile, but wanted to get out of the Steam overhead and run direct) so I installed new and every time I try to launch it crashes on loading scenery area. (I dont even get to main menu yet) it's telling me in the log (attached) that I am missing demo area scenery file(s) (at least one?)  and then closes.  

I have tried running the installer/updater program numerous times to try to catch the missing files to no avail.  wondering what I need to do to get this to work at this point?

I am wondering if my custom scenery has any conflict with the load.  (but all the custom scenery I moved into new install location was working on my old steam version install) but maybe this is still an issue?

any ideas on how to get this to work properly, I really want to get back to flying my aircraft again.Xplane 11 Crash Log 

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Hi MissAmanda0411

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

I have looked through your Log.txt file and have noted that you have a great number of zortho4XP tiles (line 335 - 1430), which is fine in itself, but these all need to be at the bottom of your scenery_packs.ini file and below any airport scenery files.

Currently, you have the following airport scenery files 'below' all of your zortho4XP files:-

1431 Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - KPUW Airport Pullman-Moscow Mesh/ - MESH file, may need to stay below zortho4XP files?
1432 Custom Scenery/CA-CYYZ-C-Toronto Mesh/ - MESH file, may need to stay below zortho4XP files?
1433 Custom Scenery/Nimbus Simulation -Z- KATL V2 - Atlanta/
1434 Custom Scenery/Z KDEN Mesh/ 
- MESH file, may need to stay below zortho4XP files?
1435 Custom Scenery/Birmingham_autogen/
1436 Custom Scenery/DallasXP_Buildings/
1437 Custom Scenery/DallasXP_Exclude/
1438 Custom Scenery/DallasXP_Forests/
1439 Custom Scenery/Los_AngelesXP_Buildings/
1440 Custom Scenery/Los_AngelesXP_Trees/
1441 Custom Scenery/San_Francisco_XP_Buildings/
1442 Custom Scenery/San_Francisco_XP_Mesh/ 
- MESH file, may need to stay below zortho4XP files?
1443 Custom Scenery/TampaXP_Buildings/
1444 Custom Scenery/zz_Denver_XP_Mesh/ 
- MESH file, may need to stay below zortho4XP files?
1445 Custom Scenery/ZZZ DD Seattle Airports XP Terrain/
1446 Custom Scenery/ZZZ DD Washington XP Terrain/
1447 Custom Scenery/CFXP - Static Aircraft Library/

The scenery_packs.ini file is text editable and can be opened in Notepad by double clicking on it. The file itself can be found in the C:\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery folder. 

I would suggest that you save a copy of your original scenery_packs.ini file first, before any editing of the original takes place!

Basically, what you need to do is cut all of the above-mentioned airport scenery files (NOT MESH FILES) and paste them above all of your zortho4XP files. Following that, close up any gaps where the airport scenery files originally came from.

Also, I note that line 1130 Custom Scenery shows a 'mesh' file i.e. ZZZ_Skyline Simulations_KCVG_Mesh/ located right in the middle of all your zortho4XP file. This mesh file should be after all of the zortho4XP files

Lastly on line 334 Custom Scenery you have an overlay yOrtho4XP_Overlays/ file, which I understand should be placed above the Custom Scenery/Global Airports/ file.

In essence, all scenery files in the scenery_packs.ini file should be ordered as follows: -

1. Airports

2. Regional Sceneries

3. OSM Data (for example World2XPlane)

4. Libraries (but Libraries can be positioned anywhere in the ini file)

5. Global Airports

6. Photosceneries

7. Mesh Data (... HD Scenery Mesh v3 ... from alpilotx)...

Once you have made the required changes, save the file immediately and reload XP11 to see if it makes any difference?

If push comes to shove, copy and paste all of your custom scenery files to a temporary safe place out of the XP11 file structure, to see if the XP11 applications starts up OK? If it does, start reinstalling the custom scenery files a few at a time, but always make sure that your scenery-packs.ini file shows the files in the correct order after starting and closing XP11 each time. 

More information on scenery-pack file ordering on YouTube!

Hope this makes sense, but let me know if not?


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Thanks Greengolfer15,

I used Xorganizer to order the scenery INI properly.  also in the custom scenery folder my files are arranged as they should be with airports and other scenery above, then the ortho4xp shortcuts to other drive (Z_ortho...) and then the mesh files (ZZZ mesh..) shouldnt be an isssue, not sure why the sim would be loading in different order.

I will double check my scenery.ini file when I get home later to make sure indeed ordered correctly.

also will look carefully to see if any of my custom is conflicting with the demo area scenery. I find it interesting however that the same custom scenery setup was no issue in Steam version of XP,  but now with the Dload vers it is now?
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Hi there

One thing that I have learned is that XP11 doesn't always load scenery files in the same order they appear in the Custom Scenery folder, not sure why though?

Also, I'm not even sure that this is definitely the cause of your XP11 not loading problem, but it's somewhere to start looking :-)

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solved issue, straightened out scenry INI file, and cleaned up bad custom scenery.
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Hi there

Glad all is now OK :-)

If you were happy with my assistance, I would be very grateful if you would consider giving my post a positive upvote or best answer, as suggested on the Q&A webpage.

Kind regards and thanks in advance

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Hi MissAmanda0411,

Like Greengolfer15 I am not from Laminar Research.  Just a flight simmer from down under.

Glad to know that you have solved your problem following the advice and comments from Greengolfer15.

You also need to know that the Steam version of X-Plane is a 3rd party modified hybrid version of the official version from Laminar Research which you now have.

Although you are now up and running I would suggest you do a complete deletion of any Steam files (if not a clean installation of the LR version) as the steam version does not mix and match with the official, genuine and original version of X-plane from LR.  In previous Q&A questions in this forum LR staff make this point quite clear.

Good winds


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Glenn, and Greengolfer15,

I did clean out all of the xplane related steam files before I even installed the official version. so there should be no conflicts with that.

also now all of my purchased addons, plugins, aircraft, scenery etc...are functioning properly. and simbrief installs plans to FMCs correctly, and Navigraph syncs with it and updates all my Airacs properly.  

So I am back to happy simming and flights for the company just like I was before, but even improved frame rate now not under Steam's overhead. I run almost max xplane settings at 3240X2160 60Hz screen size and pulling 45-50 FPS now vs the 35-40FPS generally with the Steam version.

Thanks for thr help you two...
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Hi MissAmanda0411,

It is always a pleasure to know that we were able to help a fellow flight simmer when having some problems.

Happy flying