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Please, after update on 11.20vr2 version I cant get antialiasing in my Xplane11 working. All bars are on full, resp.all settings in graphics window is on MAX!!! ... and when I load the game and look on the runway, or some narrow lines from different angles, there is no antialiasing ... it is like I am playing Xplane v10 :( ...

I tried to update GeForce driver on the latest version, tried turn off a lot of plgins ... nothing helped ... :(

Any sugestions? Everything before update was absolutly ALLRIGHT !



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Do you use any plugins at all? There are known issues with the plugin code that can cause crashes & problems with settings. Please update to vr3 when available (should be soon) and see if the issue now "just works."
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Thx, I forgot to write back, the next update was allright, even now with vr6 ;)

Thx for reply ... have a nice weekend