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Redbird YK1 and TH1 are plugged in and all calibration steps completed successfully. During flight both controls are being ignored.  RD1 is functioning correctly during flight
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Hi jrflightsim,

I am not with Laminar Research; just an ignorant flight simmer in trying to interpret your question.

What are the 3 letter acronym components designated as YK1, TH1 and RD1?

For others who have a greater knowledge base than me attach the log.txt file so they can possibly decipher your problem.  Attach the file immediately after you close X-Plane.

In the meantime run the installer program which will replace and or repair any damaged files.  Once done, try running the program again.


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The controls he is using are from Redbird Flight Simulators. Mine are doing the same thing. Rudder works. Yoke and throttle quadrant don’t work. They all calibrate just fine.
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Hi Mike,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Thank you for the explanation of the acronyms while raising your question.

Have you configured your hardware items within X-Plane?

X-Plane is not like other flight sim packages where you just "plug and play" with your hardware.  These items have to be individually configured within X-Plane and not using your operating system or any software supplied with the item.

You need to totally delete any software you have installed to get the items to work.  If it was a saitek/logitech product my comment would be to dig a hole and bury the software never to be used again.

Having done that, connect one of the items then turn your PC on and then initiate X-Plane.  Once X-plane is active it should have recognised your item buy showing an image on screen.  If no image your may have to start from first principles.  

Once configured give the calibrated item a name and save the name. Why?  X-Plane 11 now has the benefit you can calibrate hardware items for individual aircraft using the same item without having to physically recalibrate each time.  All you do is select the name of that controller for that aircraft within "preferences"  shown at the drop down menu at the top of the screen.  A little tedious to set up but time saving in the long term when flying several aircraft.  An example may be for your pedals as "cessna pedals" or "piper pedals" and so on. 

Once competed shut down X-Plane and repeat the process all over again for the next item.  Continue until all is well.

What you need to ensure is that your do not assign a button/switch/lever to two actions or one action to two buttons/switches/levers for one particular allocated name.

Have a look at the following videos from Michael Brown who runs a business called XForcePC in the USA whereby he builds PCs predominantly for X-Plane users.  This business is also the preferred supplier of PCs by Laminar Research.  The links for the videos can be found at  and also  Consider the process of what is being shown/explained and not the hardware that is actually demonstrated.

I hope I have been of some help and you solve your problem


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It was an XPlane "problem". To help others in the future - If your Red Bird (Alloy) rudder is recognized but the yoke and throttle quadrant calibrate and aren't recognized by XPlane, delete anything in the Preferences folder with the word joystick in it. I didn't delete them, I moved them to a USB memory stick (just in case). After that I went through the calibration procedure, saved each device's calibration to it's own file (TH, RD, YK) and everything works great.
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Hi Mike,

Glad to know all is now working.