Can X-Plane 10 be controlled with a wireless joystick?

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asked Feb 12 by Vee Courtney (12 points)
I want to use a wireless joystick to control the pitch, roll, thrust, rudder in a X-Plane 10 flight session.

Can X-Plane 10 be configured to receive input from a wireless joystick via a local home network router to navigate the pitch, roll, thrust, rudder movement or does the joystick have to be physically connected to a port of the computer executing the X-Plan 10 application?


1 Answer

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answered Feb 14 by ScruffyBaton4 (1,610 points)

Connect your Joystick (to the computer with installed X-Plane), install the software (drivers) and make sure that it is detected/recognized by your computer. If your joystick is detected then you can configure joystick functions in X-Plane app. You can read more about configuring joystick functions in X-Plane 10 here.

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