Programming FMC for ILS approach

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asked Feb 13 by Chrisitan Marek (28 points)
I have no trouble getting airliners safely on the runway in an ILS approach as long as I can program the FMC by feeding it with fixes consisting of a sequence of letters (ICAO)! E.g., approaching KJFK RW 13L the localizer is hit at CAXUN. However, many airport charts do not give such fixes but rather have ILS approaches marked by sequences like D11.3 - D8.3 - D3.7 - D2.3 and the like, as e.g. Paris Orly (LFPO). The FMC-Flightplans do not swallow these abbreviations. What is the correct way of programming such an approach?

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answered Feb 14 by dtph280542 (14 points)
you can try using info on arrival star into autopilot at final waypoint and not fmc.are you able to download charts like onlineflightplanner or navigraph
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answered Feb 14 by Tim (31 points)
edited Feb 14 by Tim

If you have a flight planner like simbrief or pfpx to make a flight plan that will give you the correct runway and sid / star for the runway on that day then you just go to the dep/arr page on the fmc select the runway on the right column and the sid or star from the left column its fairly intuitive. navigraph is a very good chart app but its a subscription

example A star into EGKK for rw 26Lcould be a ils26L in right column and TIMBA 1J in left column

Hope that helps

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answered Feb 14 by RCEE (37 points)
Use sids & stars i made a smaal video of a completly automated flight:

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