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I have tried multiple landings with the 737 and every time I am about 1100 ft, the plane will just turn to the right on its own acting like a missed approach and fly away. I have programmed the fmc fine, and all the NAV information is set. So, I have no clue why I am unable to land. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks so much!!

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It looks that you are attempting to land on ILS. Is that correct? Is that Laminar's 737?

1) Did you set up correct landing attitude on autopilot? Autopilot will not descent below set up attitude.
2) Did you enable approach?
3) Did you enable both CMDs on approach?
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I have done everything but arming both cmd's..... I will give that a try and see. Do I want them both armed in flight? Or just for approach? Thank you for your response!
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Thank you, this has helped some. This time, the plane had issues with the GS. I am going to try another flight with no weather conditions and see if a smooth flight will act different. This definitely helped because I did land the the plane, it was just ugly though.... haha
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Glad to hear it landed! :)

You might be already doing that but ensure that the airport has high class ILS system, ideally category III. E.g. just one runway in KLAX has ILS cat III system.
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I have been flying the same flight so I could perfect it. I fly from KBLI RWY34 to KPDX RWY 10R witch does show as CAT III . I really do appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

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