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I have an Xplane-9 DVD that I got in a garage sale. It starts at 9.21rc or something like that. The updater does not seem to work. And going through the support website I can't find any archived updates for 9.21rc2 anywhere. Going through searches seems to not get me anywhere. I don't want to buy the newer versions, wish to stay on the cheap as I got this disk for very little.

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Hi mortoma,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

My understanding is that once a new version is released there are no more updates available for the older version.  This is also confirmed at the following link https://xplane.ultracartstore.com/checkout/singleLoad.do?r=1518566077769&merchantId=MEYER    related to the purchase of version 9. 

In my case the last update for XP10 was version 10.51 which ceased when XP11.0 was released having originally started with XP10.25

You may choose to contact Laminar Research at info@x-plane.com for a more definative answer.


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log.txt for X-Plane 9.70 Plane-Maker 970000

I've downloaded the demo installer for X-plane 9,


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