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Hi, I have my X-Plane 9 DVD, but previously I had a MacBook with DVD drive, but I am currently switching my computer to a Macbook without a DVD drive, how can I use my copy?

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Hi Vzla83

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but if the X-Plane 9 DVD setup is the same as the X-Plane 11 DVD setup, then I presume that you will need to have Disk 1 in the DVD ROM tray at all times to run the application.

If this is the case, then it seems unlikely that you will be able to run X-Plane 9 on your new MacBook, even if you could find a way of copying the whole file structure over from your previous MacBook.

If this same restriction does not apply to X-Plane 9 i.e. with you not being required to have Disk 1 in the DVD ROM tray at all times, then maybe the following could help:-

1. Copy the whole X-Plane 9 file structure from your previous MacBook onto a USB external hard drive and then copy it from the USB external drive onto your new MacBook.

2. Connect your two MacBooks together through a home network switch and then copy and paste the whole X-Plane 9 file structure from one MacBook to the other.

3. Better still, make the jump and invest in X-Plane 11 which is far superior in every way. This can then be downloaded from Laminar Research's website, with absolutely no requirement for a DVD drive!

Hope this helps?


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