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sorry but this is a long explanation

I Have just one thing to sort out and i can fly again, after updating to XP 11.20vr2 the throttles in all the aircraft have become none linear ?. by that I mean the throttle now works by having the lever of the hardware throttle say a siatek of home made throttle using a bodnar board set to the middle of the travel , Now if i move the lever forward slightly the throttles will advance all the way to full throttle, the movement can be halted by moving the hardware throttle back to centre, and the virtual lever will stop were ever it happens to be at that time, same goes for idle if i move the hardware throttle slightly back the throttles will move all the way to the idle position unless i recentre the lever ?
Its almost like having a analogue switch .
by the way the mouse courser cannot effect the throttle position any more it has no effect .
Is there a way to get the throttles to work the way they did in XP 11 and 11.10 i.e. idle is in the idle position the i want a linear movement up to full throttle  having the lever stop anywhere the hardware throttles have stopped. I have checked and rechecked the calibration had a look to see if something was assigned twice and i am out of ideas
I will stop rambling now
any ideas any one or is anyone having the same issue or is it a bug , is it just me
Thanks for listening

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Did you re-calibrate it ?
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Yes I tried that a phew times.

I have now found a fix for this by deleting two folders. i go into the main xplane 11 folder  resources and delete the folders called "keyboard presets" & "joystick configs" restart xplane and for some reason the throttles work as normal & i still have all the key mappings & joystick cofigs as they were. ?

Happy now

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Could be the linearity settings of the throttle in the advanced joystick settings or whatever that setting is called. The one down the bottom below the picture of the joystick. Hope that helps, If I need to explain better let me know and ill try to go in depth more.