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I bought the game on Steam yesterday. Prepared everything, changed the version as public_beta in Properties, run X-plane 11, and there is not VR hardware. Btw, while I starting the game, popup "This game does not support VR".

System: Win10

Hardware: Dell Mixed Reality Headset

GPU: Nvidia 980

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What do the log.txt says about the installed version?
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11.20 beta

I also submitted a bug report, there were serval screenshots.
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Hi Quin Yang,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Who did you send the bug report to?

If it was to Laminar Research it was a waste of time.  Stream is not the official version of X-plane.  It has been created by a 3rd party taking a commercial advantage of the work done by Laminar Research in the development of X-Plane.  There is no connection of any type with either party.

You will always have long delays in getting the latest update.  Steam files do not mix with the official version
Take your problem to Steam.

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Thanks Glenn, will do.