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Everytime I open X-Plane 10.36 I get a window that ask me if I would like to update to X-Plane 10.45. When I click on any of the four choises I get a message that reads "I am unable to install or update X-Plane. An error occurred while creating new folders. Make sure you are installing to a directory that you have access to!"

Error: Access denied

Install location: D\

Install path: D

I have X-Plane installed on my D hard drive.

What am I doing wrong?

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On Windows computers, people often encounter problems if X-Plane is not installed to the desktop. It causes issues with permissions. It sounds like X-Plane is having issues downloading and launching the automatic updater/installer. You can download it manually here from the X-Plane website and run it to get the update.

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As you suggested I tried to install the latest X-Plane update ( 10.45 ) from's website this morning. I achieved the same results as I did when trying to update from the X-Plane's window that comes up when I open X-Plane on my computer. Going through the           Q&A's In this forum I found a similar question relevant to this problem. The contributer suggested that 10.45 is still in development and is unable for download at this time. I then taught that I would try to download an earlier update (10.42) but found is wasn't available on the X-Plane website. Any Ideas?
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10.45 is now final which means it is the only version or update you can get from While it was in beta there were additional steps you had to take to get a copy of it because it could still have a lot of bugs.

Please install X-Plane to the desktop. Attach a copy of your installer log.txt file (found on the desktop) and explain in as much detail as possible step by step what you are doing.