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Just purchased X Plane 10 Global edition.  No flying experience.  Is there a basic beginner class of instruction offered, i.e., terminology, instruments, etc.

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There are no tutorials built into X-Plane itself, so unfortunately it has a steep learning curve for new users. The quick start portion of the manual covers a bit of the basics to get started: installation, setting up X-Plane & getting off the ground in the Cessna 172.

If you'd like a hands on tutorial, I would recommend trying out the X-Plane 10 mobile app. You can get it through the Apple App store or Google Play store. All of the tutorials are free to play. It handles a bit differently since you control the plane by tilting the device, but it might help with terminology and learning where things are in the plane.

Otherwise, try searching online for video tutorials or check out this forum on

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Hello derf!

Like jroberts has already told us, there are no tutorials built into X-Plane itself, but there is a vast source of community supported information, discussion, tutorials ... you just name it ... in the case you can't find your answer in these forums.

My favourite source of information (for "A Ground School Of Flying A Cessna 172SP, for example) can be found on the For a "better experience of usage", i suggest you register as an user (yes, it is free) and do a search on the vast database of everything related to X-Plane.