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i used simbrief to make a fpl and pasted the fms file to fms plan. when i open g530/430 neither have the fms for my fpl. shown is an old fpl that i don't want and i have deleted it from fms plan but the current fpl isn't shown in fpl of g430/540?  so i load atc window and enter dep and dest airports and the waypoints shown in fms file and i can fly the route. is there i'm something i'm doing wrong or is this O.K. stumpted/  any help would be great.

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It is not necessary to file a flight plan via Air Traffic Control (ATC). However, doing so will allow the ATC to vector you through the filed flight plan. And to delete an FMS flight plan, all you have to do is enter a new destination airport, which totally clears the flight data in the FMS. If you have any further questions, please let me know! Best of luck and happy flying!! -TwelveYearOldPilot