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Glitches found this far:

1. Emergency Grand Canyon 747 landing - Have scored up to a 93%, but irregardless of the score, EVERY landing goes down as a crash.

2. Innsbruck CRJ landing without nose gear - Go through all the prompts, and make it down gently, safely, but the app doesn’t recognize that I’ve landed.

3. Grand Canyon Tour in Baron B58 - After close to 30 successful “tours,” I had an almost perfect flight, just inches off the water through the whole thing, but still can’t get a passing grade.

This is only what I’ve been able to find. It’s kinda sad, because this app has superior graphics (even better in X-Plane 11 from what I’ve read). It’s also one of the best simulators for iOS devices, but I’m questioning the purchases made thus far because every other challenge means a new set of glitches. If I spend hard-earned money on a game, I expect said to work as advertised. And who knows what else awaits? Other problems/glitches/issues? Fixes? Thoughts?

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