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hi all looking for some help

I had xp 11 on my older pc i5 intel chip asus battle ready board worked fine

I just built a new pc i7 8th gen cpu asus hero mb gtx 1070 gpu basically plenty of power to run it on win 10 latest update

I put disk 1 into drive (if I remember I took the dd out of the other build) run the installer gets to select scenery click next then I get

be advised

The installer is unable to install or update xplane ,an error occurred while trying to creat new folders make sure the directory you are trying to install to is not set as read only in your operating system

Error access is denied

Install location :E:\

Install path :E:

I’m no pc wiz I’ve tried to change permissions of the hdd and all are selected to full control

This hd has been formatted I made new file left it empty as per instructions for install

I can’t change install destination to c drive

Totally stuch here please help

Many thanks


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We recommend installing X-Plane to the desktop. It can also be installed to external drives but we do not recommend installing it to C: or Program Files as these are system-protected locations. Make sure you are using the latest version of the installer from here

Attach a copy of the installer log.txt for any further troubleshooting.