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My problem is surely not about the P-Factor thing or about weather. Even if i set the weather to clear, without any winds and stuff i still have my plane pulling to left on taxiing and while taking off on runway. This is happening on default 738, zibo738, default 744, md80 or any other plane i tried it. Also Propellers such as C172 has an amazingly tendency which is too hard to controll even with full right rudder.

I've been issuing this problem since X-Plane 11.00.. Right now I have the updated version which is 11.11 or something. But it doesn't changes anything.

You can also think that problem maybe because of my controller, but it's surely not since i tried it with or without controller. My plane (no matter what plane is) always moving left no matter what. It is even hard for me to do taxiing.

It is only happening while on the ground by the way, I am not actually sure if it affects while im airborne but i don't feel anything like that. I also checked my rudder inputs, its always at 0 but plane still puls left on the ground while moving...

Also I am not sure if it is a bug but, while im taxiing when i use a little rudder to right or left that doesn't matter, my plane starts losing some speed. When I try to make a sharp turn to right or left my plane just stopps like im using a break.
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I have the same problem,Xplane just isnt right on the ground,the xplane experts will try to tell you that its realistic physics that are the reason,but I can tell you as an experienced real world pilot ,the physics on the ground are not right at all.

Been that way for a long time, it doesnt look like they are going to fix it.
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Yeah thats for sure. And the interesting thing for me is, this problem is not always same. Even if the weather is same and my plane and all the other situations are same, sometimes my plane moving all the way left while sometimes just moving a bit left...

I don't know why Laminar is not working on a solution, there has been many patches came out but no fixes about this issue. Also there are no community made fixes for this at all. Isn't that possible to maybe fix or atleast decrease the effect of it a bit?

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Hi mate,

You might have the left foot brake mapped to a certain button or axis where it is constantly being "Pushed" so the left wheel brake is applied. Thats the only thing I can really think of. If you go into controls and search for 'Brakes' or something it will show you the button or axis that is assigned to left brake and you can either change or delete that assignment.

Hope it helps.

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I know there is naturally a tendency for the aircraft to drift left during takeoff. I had this but mine was down to calibration. I have a joystick and pedals and forgot to calibrate them in position and my yoke was stuck in full left roll as well as the rudder being full left yaw. I calibrated to find it work perfectly again so it's worth a try. If not it could be an issue within the settings possibly with controls. Or if your controllers arent calibrated then when you take them out it keeps the controls in the same position. Good luck hopefully calibration helps.

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I tried both what you said but nothing actually changed at all. Checked my keyboard settings there is nothing assigned on an unusual thing, and i already tried formatting my pc and installing the X-Plane from zero.

Tried calibrating my stick once again, also tried changing something from sensivity settings and yaw augmentations but everything still same. My plane just keeps moving towards left and it increases with plane speed increases.

I also tried looking at all the rudder inputs from data output, even when there are no input on rudders and planes rudder is exactly at 0 on the center, this thing still keeps happening. So as i said before i am pretty sure my problme is not about controls.

I appreciate for help, I need some more...