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I've been using X-plane successfully for a couple of years , but recently my display has started to "swim" around the screen in small circular movements. Not only my "outside the cockpit" view is moving, but even the cockpit itself.

It's as if it's a very windy day and it's causing the aircraft to move but even with wind set to calm, the display is moving.  This is driving me nuts.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Is this a known issue?


Regards Paul B.

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Hi Paul,

Double check if you have cinema verité turned on by accident. Go to the View menu and at the bottom is "Toggle Cinema Verite". In some views that can make the camera move a lot.
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Hello J

Thank you so much. Your suggestion was correct. I've switched off cinema verité and all my views are stable again. Have a cyber beer on me


Cheers, Paul
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I had the same problem. The fix worked for me too. Thanks. Art