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I have had difficulty with the program either crashing on start-up, or crashing half-way through a flight.  The log makes no sense to me with phrases like "unknown glyph".  I enclose the log.  I was halfway between VOR CAN (Caen) and ADF MP associated with LFRC.

The crashes seem to happen over NW France.

Is this an issue with the program itself, or is it to do with the add-ons I have?  I have a high spec machine working with Windows 10.

I have re-installed X-plane 10 and updated it 10.42.

Whatever it is, it is destroying my enjoyment of X-plane.  I might find myself going back to FS9.  :(



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Hi, (I am not part of Laminar)

Best to wait for someone of the Laminar team to respond BUT I can give some suggestions

Whoa man, you have a lot of custom scenery installed + a ton of plugins.

To me personally , the issue looks to be coming from LFRB, LFMP, LFMK, LFJL, EGTK, EGBJ

Try deleting your preferences files inside the folder, which resets the sim. 

This is going to sound horrifying, but run the sim without any add-ons installed and fly the same route as you mentioned above.

Try those things, but soon someone from Laminar will respond to you. Hope this somewhat helps you. STAY TUNED!




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Thanks for that.  I will try disabling the aerodromes.  I have also disabled the extra resolution texture.

With FS 9 I have a tonne of extra add-ons that that particular program seems to cope with, with no problem.  I left FS9 because the aircraft gallery does not show in Windows 10.

Thanks for your help

James :)
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Yeah no problem James. However make sure you keep looking back here to see if Laminar responds which they most likely will in the next day or so. Otherwise hope you can solve your issue

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Hi James,

Rishi has covered most of the trouble shooting suggestions I would start with. The errors in your log.txt about unknown glyphs & syntax errors are mostly about problems with taxi signs in custom scenery. (None of the default scenery should have these errors.) These errors should not be causing any problems with your flights though!

With as much custom scenery as you have, I would also guess one of the packs has a problem that is causing the crash. First try removing the entire custom scenery and/or plugins folder and see if that fixes your problem. Try "divide and conquer" to narrow down the specific problem item: remove half and see if the problem persists, then swap with the other half.  Keep removing a chunk of add ons at a time until you find the problem. (You can try this with both Custom Scenery & Plugins.)

If you figure out what item or series of exact steps causes the problem, you can report back here or file a bug report here and we'll look into it more.  

Edit to add: When you figure out the exact steps for the crash, please upload the log.txt from IMMEDIATELY after the crash. X-Plane overwrites it every time it's launched, and the one you attached is from a normal exit.

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Thanks to Rishi.  I disabled the aerodromes he suggested.  I also disabled some of the plug-ins, leaving me with Saitek for my switches and radio panel.  Flywithlua, EZ-pushback and Terra-Haze.  I did the flight I did before, LFOP to LFRC via DVL, CAN, and MK.

It worked fine, and I landed normally (but bounced).  I enclose the log, which was recorded after a normal shut-down.

A few questions:

1. Is there a limit to the add-ons that the program can cope with?  

2. Should I disable aerodromes that I am not flying to, and only enable the aerodrome from which I am taking off from and my destination aerodrome?

3. Is there a simple way of correcting the errors found with add-on aerodromes? 

Many thanks for your prompt help.


James :)


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There's not a hard limit per se, but add ons and plugins interact with each other, and it's hard to know what a developer tested with. It's very unlikely that anyone else has a set up *exactly* like yours, so your add ons may interact in a way that causes a new and unexpected issues.

X-Plane can't fix issues with third party scenery or plugins, so it's best to contact the third party developer. Sometimes we can improve the way X-Plane handles the issues though, so it's good to let us know when you find an exactly reproducible bug with third party add ons.
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Many thanks for all your help