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I just installed Xplane 11.11 on my windows 7 (64 bit) computer. The install and initial update went fine, but it crashes toward the end of initial load while "Reading new scenery files". When it crashes, it pixelates my monitor in a rainbow of colors, and eventually I get the message "X-plane.exe has stopped working (close Program)

This is a clean install with no added plugins, aircraft, or scenery. My processor is an AMD FX(tm) - 8150 eight core, and the video card is a Nividia GT730 with the latest 390.77 driver. FYI...X-plane 10 runs fine on the same machine.

I've now re-installed the program 3 times with the same result, and need some help to resolve this. I'd include the log file, but do not see a way to attach it here.


Steve Davis

Experienced X-plane user since ver.8, and current 737 Captain for a major airline.

Thanks for the help...log file now is attached.

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In the formatting bars there is an icon that looks like a landscape picture (mountains w/ a sun). That will open a box with 3 tabs. The 3rd tab is "upload" where you can pick a file from your computer and then "send it to server" to attach it.

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Hi Steve,

Further to the answer from Jennifer (jroberts) from Laminar Research here is a link recently provided by Guillaume (amelingu) at

Although the link is in French the pictorial provides the answer if you follow the numbers

Good luck