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Due to crashes of x-plane I re-installed the game on a new disk. But even without any plugins and scenery it crashed almost immidiately 

The log file is no help at all:


0:00:10.570 D/HID: AXIS Added Index: 4 (HID_Page_PID/22) for handle: 000001DC45CDFC50. Min/Max 1 - 40

0:00:10.570 D/HID: END HARDWARE

0:00:10.570 E/JOY: UNCALIBRATED AXIS DETECTED: SideWinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick (VID:1118PID:27) Axis #4, assigned to joy_use_none, has an expected min/max range of [1.000000, 40.000000], but is calibrated for [8999999488.000000, -8999999488.000000]. You should recalibrate the device in the Settings menu.

0:00:10.570 E/JOY: CALIBRATION OVERRIDE: SideWinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick (VID:1118PID:27) Axis #4 forced to be treated as calibrated due to a user pref.

0:00:10.570 D/STM: Transitioning from state state_InitialLoading to state_QuickFlightWizard

0:00:10.570 I/WIN: Opened window Primary V11 UI

--=={This application has crashed!}==--

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

Is there a way to read the crash reports?


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I have the same problem with this message :

I/WIN: Opened window Primary V11 UI


I/WIN: Opened window settings

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Same here. 

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Noticed that we all seem to have a R9 200.. which driver are you running? 

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Having the same issue. Can't even stay in the menu.


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I now have the latest version 17.11.4.  The version before was running fine for months without issues even after upgrade to Windows Creators Update. My crashes started two release candidates ago en continue now with the latest final release.

I even reinstalled everything on a new SSD. Installation still "virgin" and crashing.  Log not show anything in particular as issue.
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I've noticed something..

When I install / re-install the graphics driver and I reboot my windows, X-Plane will work exactly once. 

Maybe it regenerates the shaders or something. 

seems related.

I tried the following successfully.

They suggested deleting the contents of the 'Install folder\Output\shadercache' folder (I suggest backing up these files elsewhere first) so I've tried this and successfully started X-Plane a number of times now.

As a work around you'll have to delete the shadercache before each start and it will work like before.