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I was able to play the new X-Plane 11 Public Beta without problems. Suddenly i just get a crash to desktop when launching the game.

What i did before it stopped working:

1. Updated my NVIDIA drivers

2. Updated the AIRAC data from Navigraph.

If i unload the beta version there is no problem, but I need the Beta to be able to run VR with my Oculus Rift

Another problem that I am having without the Beta is that when I load my aircrafts the resolution is all weird and unnatural. Everything is so flat


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I'm running the latest Beta on my imac. I'm new to x-plane as I joined last week. Played MS FlightSim for many years when it first launched.

So far so good except x-plane will crash in the middle of a flight, Quite frustrating when I've dedicated 30mins to get the plane in the air properly and get a crash during final approach at chosen destination. Mission not accomplished... grrrr

Can I revert back to stable version or can you suggest alternatives?
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Yes you can. You just need to launch the installer, choose to update x-plane and untick the beta box. You will have a lot of clicks to perform, to accept replacing files by an older version, but eventually you will end up with X-plane 11.11r2, the latest stable version.
Laminar Research recommends to install beta versions on a second copy, to avoid this kind of inconvenient.

The latest beta version is 11.20b5, and it should be stable in a few days...