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since days i try to install a Plugin (Better Pushback). I can see it in the plugin menu but I can't enable it (Nothing happens when I click it). In the Log file appears this message:

[airportdb.c:1786]: navdata error: it appears your simulator's navigation database is broken, or your simulator contains no airport scenery."

I Did a new Download of XP11 and as well a update of Navdata (Navigraph) but it´s still the same problem.

Have anyone an idea?



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This forum is mainly for x-plane default install. You should contact the plugin developer for support.

Make sure you have the latest version of everything.

This plugin worked fine on my computer. I remember i struggled at some point and the answer was in the documentation provided with the plugin. I do not remember more about that.

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Thank you for the Answer.

Seems to be a Navdata Problem of the default install, thats why im asking here.

Unfortunally i got no answer from the developer since days :-(

I never found a documentation from the plugin. Do you have any idea where can i find it?


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Confirm you found better pushback here?

I don't think there are any connections between better pushback and navdata.

My Pushback folder is installed like that :

and my old Navigraph update is installed like that :

The readme.txt file gives important information.

Hope all this helps.

This Youtube video shows how betterpushback works, note that some planes might not work with betterpushback (I think) :

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That´s confirmed.

My Folders are identical like yours.

Unfortunally im forced to take the Default Pushback crying

Anyway thanks a lot for your help.