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I seldom fly around a small airport in northern Denmark (ICAO: EKTS) and in XP10 there was an NDB just right before the airport.

This one's missing in XP11 and for the sake of old habits, I wanted to re-add this.

So I found this page: and of course the specification document and I created $XPHOME/Custom Data/user_nav.dat and added this content to the file:

1100 Version - data cycle 1611, build 20180307, metadata NavXP1100
2  57.053514    8.864417        0      331    0      0.000   TE ENRT EK THISTED NDB

I know that the file is geeting ead b/c when I add faulty content XP11 tells me the file could not be parsed.

But the NDB ist not visible on the map and the ADF is not finding its beacon.

In the XP11 logs is nothing found about this.

Anyone who can help me to debug this?

Thanks in advance :)

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You can file a missing Navaid report at the gateway and get it fixed.  Yo need to register as a user first (it's free).
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Hi and thanks for answering. That the NDB is missing is correct as it has been shut down a while ago, so my question was about adding a custom ndb to the database with user_nav.dat.