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I’m am looking to build a new computer this summer and I have all the stuff selected just have to buy it now.

I’m probably going to get a i9-7980XE with 18 Cores at 2.6 GHz processor, 64GB RAM, an Nvidia 1080 GTX Integrated Graphics, and a 1TB SSD. I’m just wondering if that will run smooth and what settings I should use to look realistic and still get good frames.

It will probably cost over $4000 but I’m willing to pay it to play XP11. Just making sure I will be getting a good enough computer.
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If you don't overclock the processor to its maximum speed don't expect a good performance as the base clock speed is less than the minimum requirement for X-Plane.  An i7 8700K processor will give you better base and overclock speeds.  The "K" designation at the end of the model number signifies it can be overclocked

Have a look at the additional information I have sent in my latest private message.

Good luck

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Unless you are prepared to overclock the processor to its recommended maximum speed you will most likely get a poor performance whereby the frame rates may be below the recommended minimum frame rate of 20 to 25 fps.  The base speed for your processor is below the minimum requirement speed of 3GHZ for X-Plane.

Consider the additional information I have supplied in a private message.

Good luck.


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Hi BrownGamer14,

I am not affiliated with Laminar Research of XForcePC; just a flight simmer living downunder.

I assume you live in the USA as you quote what you are prepared to spend in dollars and you are approaching your summer period.

Firstly have a look at the minimum system requirements for a X-plane system found at  Many pc builders create a rig whereby the specifications exceed the recommended requirements.  No doubt this is what you intend.

I am not a computer geek but I do keep up with the latest computer components being used/recommended in building a PC suitable for X-Plane use.  

Having made that statement I am of the opinion that some of your items are an overkill or under specification.  The CPU needs to be faster so that it can be overclocked to a speed in the order of 4.5 GHz but the number of cores at 18 is an overkill as X-Plane only uses 4 cores.  The RAM is excessive.  Many experienced and dedicated users generally have 32 Gb  but fast RAM.  Use the 1TB SSD for running X-Plane but have a smaller SSD for the PC operating system.  Even consider an additional HD rather than a SSD as a "hangar drive" for any downloaded software and as a backup for X-Plane software.  Some dedicated X-Plane users use this drive for testing the Beta versions. 

Personally I think you can "do better" for what you want to pay.  Disregarding my thoughts, have a look at the YouTube videos created by Michael Brown from XForcePC at    This company is recommended by Laminar Research as the preferred supplier of PCs (refer to the X-Plane Manual) capable of running X-Plane.  The link provides"good information" on lots of issues related to X-Plane.  In particular have a look at the video at  which is their overkill system and then the video at  

The PC specifications for both rigs can be found at and if you elect to go for the top of the range overkill unit you will only spend half the amount you are prepared to spend as well as having the rig tweeked or tuned for X-Plane.  Each unit can also be fined tuned for higher specification components. 

Finally, what settings. If you purchase fron XForcePC the unit will be setup for optimum performance at the time of purchase.  If on the other hand you build your own rig have a look at produced by Q8Pilot ( a dedicated X-Plane user) and in particular the video at  

An alternative video is  I have not had a complete look at this video as it is rather lengthy.

Welcome to the world of X-plane. Remember, when you purchase the new "rig" don't look backwards as you will always find a better/faster unit at a lesser cost to what you paid.

Hope this helps


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So will it run smooth or no? I can’t really find any i9 processors that have over 2.6Ghz I’m also looking at the website you gave my and I might get the XForce Titanium computer with everything maxed out.