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In minimum graphics setup, i only archive 20 to 25 FPS

I use X-Plane 10.45 with Steam - but have this problem vor 1,5 years now.

In this 1,5 years i have used Win 7,8 and now 10


AMD FX 8320

AMD R9 270 2 GB (16.1.1)

16 GB RAM (since 1 month) - 8 before

250 GB SSD

Why is X-Plane running sooooo slowly?

I was very patiently in the past, waiting for patches. Its Laminar Research not EA. But now - especialy after upgrading RAM I slowly getting angry...

I testet with no Add Ons


CPU usage 17%, GPU usage 60%, 1.6 GB VRAM usage, 6.4 GB RAM usage  (even if extreme graphics and the Carenado Baron)

Sorry for the maybe bad english - a lot of time left since school.

Hope you can help or even fix the bug.

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Alright I am more of an Intel person but one way to find out your system capability is put all the rendering settings at the lowest option then start increasing one setting at a time till your computer can't handle it anymore.

My specs for comparison

MSI Z-87 G-41 Motherboard

GTX 970 4 gb VRAM

Intel i7 4770k @3.5ghz

16 gb RAM

I get 30+ fps with a 4 year old CPU and motherboard

HDR and clouds and cars and buildings are GPU killers so make sure those are turned down as well as texture resolution. I have that at very high.
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I have all render settings to lowest options and never more then 30 fps. Exept there is not one single cloud in the sky and no terrain to render - then 40
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Have you set the frame rate to "does not lock"?

Since i am not part of Laminar, soon someone will respond.

Are there errors in your log text?

Try reseting the sim by deleting the preferences files inside the folder

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Hi Mathias,

Your system does seem to meet the minimum specs for X-Plane. It does not meet the recommended specs, so I am not surprised you cannot "max" out your settings. I would be interested to see your log.txt as well as a screenshot of your rendering settings.

Have you tried using the rendering presets that were introduced in 10.40? There are a lot of separate things you could tweak in the rendering settings screen and maybe or maybe not see much of a change. You should see a big difference between the presets. Make sure you restart X-Plane after every preset to actually see all the effects.

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