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Hello everyone,

Recently I downloaded an airport from the Org, namely Nyingchi Mainling Airport in Tibet (ZUNZ). It is an interesting airport to fly to due to the extreme environments. However, as info regarding this airport is only provided by the Chinese NAIP (which is not distributed for public use), I can't find any info regarding this airport from the Navigraph Charts app. However, the author of this airport addon did include the SIDs/STARs of this particular airport in .fms format, their corresponding waypoints, along with some improvised charts of this airport. Therefore, I would like to "translate" and add these procedures and waypoints into the XP10 GNS 430 navigation data files so that I can fly these procedures with payware aircraft (with the .fms format I can only fly to and from this airport using aircraft equipped with default FMS). Is there anyone who is willing to help me to interpret the data of the GNS 430 navdata files?

tl;dr: need help with interpreting and modifying XP10 GNS 430 navdata files for a specific airport.

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