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Hello.I dont know why but since 1 week i havbe low fps when im airborne.When i start a flight at the airport i have 40-50 fps after im taking off and flying about 2 hours my fps drops down to 25-30 fps.I thought that is was the new graphic driver fron nvidia but its not.I deavitvated all plugins but that didnt worked  too.Anyone got the problem ? Never had this before.My system is a i7 6700k gtx 1070 and 16 gb ram and windows 10 .

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ok in found out when im starting the internet explorer on my 2nd monitor and want to watch twitch.tv my fps going to 20 fps.Also i found out that my frame time of the cpu is very high when im watching on my 2nd monitor.About 0.056.I thin there is a probem with the cpu.But that suddenly happned ? Maybe someone can help.

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